Team Members

Joanie Fredericks

Joanie hails from Grabouw, a rural town approximately 70 kilometers outside of Cape Town.

Growing up and witnessing a lot of human rights abuses, even in her own childhood home, drove her passion to one day become a Human Rights lawyer. However, life happened, and her path changed course, but she did not veer too far from her dream. Many years ago, the poverty and hardships faced by communities struck a chord inside of her and she felt obligated to help in any way that she could. Joanie started a non-profit organization that dealt with socio economic issues on a holistic level. With funds that she raised herself with the assistance of sponsors and donors. She still has an active feeding scheme in Tafelsig Mitchells Plain, but her help extends across the country where people need her.

She has been invited as a guest speaker on many platforms.

More Information about Joanie Fredericks

A well-respected community Activist and organiser is what best describes Joanie. She has a strong set of training and facilitation skills. She has a love for people and for the soil and has facilitated multiple food garden projects within the Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain. Understanding community dynamics and the reality of people going hungry is what sets her apart and has challenged Joanie to give people a hand up instead of a hand out, hence she decided to join the Seed 2 Harvest Team in making a meaningful difference in and around SA. Joanie has technical skills and operational qualifications obtained from accredited training institutions. Joanie also has a long list of certifications spanning Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Community Capacity Enhancement, and HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAFAIDS). She has volunteered extensively for organizations such as the Bush Radio Community Station, Family and Focus Project, and the Western Cape Network for Violence against Women and Rape Crisis in Israel and was Chairperson of the Cape Town region of the Western Cape’s Network for Violence against Women. In 2003, Joanie received the Amazon Award from the Women’s Legal Centre for her work with women farm workers.

Shaun Cairns

A passionate urban agriculturist, advocates sustainable farming practices, His an accomplished, results-driven, dependable and loyal individual with a vast experience in Agricultural management.

Agri-training and Agri-business development with more than 8 years’ experience in project Management training and facilitation. An outgoing and vibrant individual who finds pleasure in problem-solving and helping others. Committed to excellence and performs well in a fast paced environment and works wells as part of a team as well as independently and is a hard worker who is performance driven and diligent.  He has a vision to create a cooperative farming culture, which sources less input from outside. Being passionate about agricultural technology and how it has the power to connect individuals, communities and nations, always pioneers innovative solutions within the African and Southern African agricultural sectors. He is a versatile analytical thinker with strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills, and can be marked as a strong networker and master negotiator, focusing on what’s possible as opposed to all the things that could go wrong

Riaan Van Der Hoeven

Riaan is an IT specialist who worked in the field for 15 years. He changed his career and has been involved in organic food gardening since 2010.

He completed short courses in organic food gardening and attained his certificate in an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course in 2012. In his neighbourhood he created 3 food gardens and involved the local children to volunteer and learn in the productive gardens. He was part of a team who trained and mentored many communities for the Drakenstein Municipality in Paarl. Riaan is also a passionate and registered beekeeper and had a small business of 20 beehives which produced more than 100kg’s of honey per year. His family and friends bought his raw honey which was highly praised, valued and enjoyed

Errol van der Hoeven

Errol is a results driven individual – he gets things done. He is a strong Project Manager with various skills and 20 years of expertise.

During his working career he worked on many agricultural and social economic projects. He understands community dynamics. He is a keen do-it-yourself enthusiast and keeps himself occupied by manufacturing hydroponic systems and making worm composting boxes. He is knowledgeable in most building disciplines. He is a keen gardener, and facilitated various Agri training programs. He also specializes in the design, organization, implementation and management of different types of projects. He is a highly practical person and not scared of getting his hands dirty. He is a humble human being and enjoys interacting with communities and has a great passion production. His love for food gardening was inherited from his late father


Seed 2 Harvest is a social enterprise effecting change in the lives of many individuals and communities. Seed 2 Harvest Foundation NPC is a vehicle created for those wanting to sponsor towards our Food security and Food sovereignty initiatives or have a project that you would love us to get involved with, then please let us know below by completing the form and one of our friendly team members will contact you to discuss the way forward.