Our Story

Seed 2 Harvest brings food to people, one garden at a time.Our mission is to establish one household, one food garden in as many communities as possible.  We strive to create widespread awareness of good health, nutrition and food security and enabling people from all walks of
life to grow their own fresh produce using innovative and affordableproduction and growing systems, contributing to food security, and building
food sovereignty in villages, towns, and cities.

Seed 2 Harvest supports:

  • Improved societal outcomes (such as human health and
    better livelihoods),
  • promote economic stability (can generate employment and
    become a source of income especially among
    unemployed youth)
  • Efficient use of natural resources
  • Lower environmental impacts.

Seed 2 Harvest offers related value-added services that builds capacity and capabilities through:

  • Innovative production systems and growing starter kits
  • Tailor-made Organic Training
  • Agri-Business Development and Support
  • Project Extension and Mentorship

Purpose of our Food Security Model

  • To provide a platform addressing climate change and Food security.
  • To train individuals in basic Agri-business so that they can be equipped to run their household farming and community food garden projects sustainably and to generate income of surplus vegetables
  • Promoting agroecological principles within the communities
  • To provide mentorship / extension services to communities with technical assistance in terms of agriculture know-how

Strategic Objectives

  • Food Sovereignty
  • Food Security
  • Job Creation
  • Income Generation strategies
  • Inter-generational skills transfer
  • Social Responsibility to Disadvantaged Communities
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Improved family nutrition
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Promoting Participatory Guaranteed Systems