Hydro-sorb is a fine crystal which looks like sugar or salt and turns into a mini water reservoir when water is added, allowing it to hold the water in the place where plants can access it even in drought conditions


  • Mix the Contents with 25L of water and let it stand for 15 – 30 min until it forms a gel like substance.
  • Evenly spread the gel over the soil generously and mix well into soil or into the hole before planting.


  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic and
  • Bio-degrades into plant food
  • It contains Potassium which is an essential root food and as it breaks down-it release potassium directly to the root zone
  • It is just like a “mini- reservoir” which can store water when raining and release water when it is drought
  • 40% – 70% Reduction in water required
  • Up to 30% increase in crop and fruit yield
  • Improved seed germination
  • Restores soil biota
  • Easy Application
  • Helps plants withstand prolonged moisture stress
  • Improves root growth and plant density
  • improves seed germination & emergence, give plants an early and healthy start


Mix contents with 25L of water and hydrate for 15-30min

Once hydrated apply to soil and mix well or pour into plant hole and plant into the mixture and cover with soil


Handle with care. Use proper safety gear. This product should be applied under supervision of an educated person. Keep away from children and uninformed persons. Do not inhale or swallow. Seek medical attention if swallowed or inhaled.