Garden in the Box is in Clifton too, all the way from Tafelsig where the Pilot Project was launched on World Food Day October 2020.For 4 months since we launched the Garden in the Box, people wondered if this was just another failed project. Far from it….WE LISTENED TO THE FEEDBACK…We used the time and feedback to revise the concept and most importantly make the Garden in the Box available to EVERYONE, from Uncle John in Tafelsig, to VOC Radio Breakfast Presenter Goolam and his sidekick to the PEOPLE’S COMEDIAN, MARC LOTTERING!!!And the Pensioners can now afford it too. We have a PAYMENT PLAN. FOOD SOVEREIGNITY IS A MUST FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING IN SOUTH AFRICA!What took us so long was to ensure that:1) The price of ONLY R599 per Garden in the Box is AFFORDABLE TO ALL…2) That it is accessible to each and every single human being…3) That it can indeed stand the test of time and continue to yield the BEST QUALITY time and again…4) That we have the full buy in of the pilot 40 beneficiaries after having tested the product in full…5) That it is easy to maintain the quality of each variety… and most importantly,6) That each Garden in the Box is truly enough to sustain a household so much so that finally, the community can start looking at…MOVING OUT OF THE FEEDING QEUES INTO A PLACE OF SELF WORTH AND SELF SUSTAINABILITY!We are ready to take the Garden in the Box into every household in South Africa!We are calling on individuals and Corporates to buy a garden for themselves or to adopt a disadvantaged community household.For 4 months, community members from all over South Africa have asked for this Garden in the Box. Now it is here, cost effective and available to be delivered to any corner in Mzansi.To those who supported me tirelessly during the darkest 11 months of Covid-19 to feed my community Tafelsig, let us now move towards giving the gift that keeps on giving, the fishing rod.Adopt a Household and gift a Garden in the Box ONLY ONCE and in doing so, restore DIGNITY!To my project partner Shaun Cairns and Seed2 Seed thank you for restoring the worth of our people.Thank you for making FOOD SOVEREIGNITY accessible to all.Importantly, Seed2Seed ensures that the community benefits from every Box Sold.To order, contact me straight away on whatsapp:076 621 0245 or zaYou have the choice to collect or allow us to courier to you. Oh and if you really, really can’t even do your own thing with the basic explanations in the manual, we will dispatch someone to you to assist. Joanie Fredericks